About us

MVM Ayurvedic Research Lab

Ayurveda originated from the ancient enlightened Vedic culture, which was in practice before 4000 BC. Ayurveda has gone through several stages of development in its long history and has the broadest number of healing modalities that are now reaching out to the whole world and addressing modern health conditions.

The MVM Ayurvedic Research Lab is dedicated to bringing you the best quality Ayurvedic herbal products available. Established in 1991 by Sri. K M Babu with the sole purpose of extending the healing touch of this ancient medicinal science, MVM Ayurvedic Research Lab was incorporated under the name of his late father, Sri. Mani Vaidyan, a renowned Ayurvedic physician in South Kerala. Sri. KM Babu, while upholding five generations of Ayurvedic family tradition, aspired to bring out the age-old benefits of Ayurveda in a contemporary form by introducing his own line of products, with the first product, Krishnathulsi Cough Syrup, which eventually became a household name in Kerala.

Our Vision

To develop quality Ayurvedic medicines for the good of all mankind.

Our Mission

To serve humanity through the healing touch of Ayurveda.

Our Motto

Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhavanthu

Krishnathulsi hair tonic followed this success, which also received an amazing response from the people. MVM is planning to reach out to other areas and add other products to the existing lines.

Since inception, the company has received several accolades for its highly beneficial products. MVM Ayurvedic Research Lab is a GMP-certified company using state-of-the-art technology for manufacturing and analysing its products. Krishnathulsi Cough Syrup was chosen as the number 1 brand in health care products by Dhanam Business Magazine in Kerala in 2009. Krishnathulsi Cough Syrup has also been awarded consecutively for the last four years (2006, 2007-13th position, 2008-13th position, 2009-9th position, 2010-4th position) by the Dhanam Business Magazine for the Top 20 popular product brands in Kerala.

As per Dhanam Magazine Report 2010, Krishnathulsi Cough Syrup is the number one brand with regard to brand awareness in medicinal products from Kerala.

As leading manufacturers of herbal-based Ayurveda medicines in Kerala, we take pride in the fact that we source only good quality medicines with quality on par with the best in the world. We promote only natural Ayurvedic medicines made from pure indigenous herbs and herbal formulas.